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What is it?

We want to give you guys a sneak peak of how we photographers get creative during the COVID-19 lockdowns. We challenged various photographers to take images outside of their comfort zones and document the experience. We then feature their image on our page!


How do I join?

Email hello@unseenmedia.net with the subject "Lockdown Feature Project- Your Name" and we'll send your instructions. Happy shooting! Submissions end May 31, 2020.

Kristoff Rolle - Product Photography

Torrell Glinton - Social Distancing

Felicia Woodside - E-Commerce

Marley Johnson - Relaxation

Gary Francis Jr - Nature

Marv Humes- Framed Shot

Udaijah Taylor - Reflection

Lily Velise - 90's Era

Antwuan Dean - Symmetry

Julian Wallace - Low Light

Olivia - Favorite Food

Kenton Hepburn - Album Recreation

Shanaye Smith - Cover Manifestation

Steven Bain - Bahamian Patriotism


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